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Educating Children Project

Education is the top most factor that help people be more civilized. We can never think of a society without getting proper education. To enable them to go to school proper schools is very much needed. It is our eyewitness that rural area are have poor school buildings where they are force sit in small room and limited desk and benches. In order to get learn in good environment the proper building is necessary. 

Most of the school building in Nepal are built by the community itself, mostly employing local craftsmen who play a pivotal organizational and technical role. Most of these craftsmen have no formal training, and many of them are illiterate. The locally available construction materials such as fired or unfired bricks, stone in mud mortar, timber etc. controls the construction process.

The use of modern materials such as cement, concrete, and steel bars is limited by affordability and accessibility, and is confined to urban areas and areas accessible by transport. Due to the lack of proper modern approach and equipment of construction, many school building are not well constructed and it has to face extreme risk from earthquakes, winds, raining and other natural disasters. 

The condition of many schools building in Nepal is not better then the animal shed. The children are forced to stop their learning activities whenever there is big wind or small rain. Somewhere there is not even a proper school building and schooling activity is going under the tree or in open air. Without school building, desk, bench and other minimal infrastructure there is no time schedule for the school.

As being an eyewitness of this bitter fact, we have put our effort to help local community to construct some school building in the various part of Dhading district.


The  "Educating Children" project of schooling is carried out, with strong continuity in association with:

our organization Nepalese Hanuman Onlus Nepal.

our non-profit association twinned, Co.Y.On Nepal, with us from 2004

Le Nostre scuole

Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School

Shree Chandrodaya Multiple College

Shree Adarrsha Saula Yubak Higher Secondary School

Shree Subarneshwor Primary School

Shree Pancha Kania Primary School

The school is dedicated to Irene Pujatti

Shree Harkapur Lower Secondary School

Shree Jana Jivan Secondary School

Shree Buddhi Bikash Primary School

Shree Harkapur Godam Higher Secondary School

Shree Jakhanisthan Basic Complex School

Shree Jakhanisthan Anna De Marinis' Hostel

Auditorium Shree Jana Jivan Secondary School