Happy Child, Nepal - Educating Children, Nepal

A program of HANUMAN ETS , in collaboration with Hanuman Onlus Nepal and Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal.

Nepal is a Himalayan country located between India and China , south of the Asian continent. From the point of view of nature , is one of the most beautiful in the world , but it is also extremely poor . It is estimated a population of 22.3 million people, of whom 44% are children under the age of 14. The national product is U.S. $ 220 per capita , but 38% of Nepalese live on less than $ 1 a day .
Those who live below the poverty line are forced to choose between basic needs such as housing , education and medical care .
Many people , from the poorest households have no work or endeavor in the most menial jobs and heavy , without the aid of suitable machinery , mostly in rural areas of third parties or on construction sites at the level of unskilled labor , with criteria security non-existent.
Generally these families are very numerous , because the children and grandchildren later , they remain in the family , to support each other , given the very low earning capacity. Even children are often forced to work as parents and grandparents , many hours a day and in business very hard , certainly not suitable for their age , as the gain of the major does not ensure the bare minimum for the whole family .
These children who live and work in with parents obviously can not go to school.
How can a country allow the minimum well-being of its population , if we do not warrant the education and the gradual growth of primary services ?
Because of this , Hanuman ETS, Hanuman Onlus Nepal and Co.YOn have joined forces , allowing so many children , very disadvantaged , mostly from the rural and mountain communities , to be removed from the street and go to school for create a better future.
The purpose of the program
The purpose of the initiative is to provide , to the poorest children and disadvantaged , the necessary support for their schooling and for their growth in dignity , with the comfort they need minimum .
The purpose of the program " Happy Child " is to provide children supported at a distance , their full support to grow carefree, attending school and living in safe and healthy environments , with all the attention and affection needed by children during the their childhood and adolescence .
The purpose of the program "Educating Children" is to increase the equal participation of more and more children at different grade levels (primary , secondary , college ), giving them solid and neighboring schools to reach, with teachers prepared and willing to follow even the children of lower social caste and discrimination.
The children
Thanks to Hanuman, many children among the poorest , have the opportunity to study and im fully supported , even outside the strictly academic program , with food , shelter, clothing and medical care.
For several years , thanks to the generous support of benefactors Italian , we can ensure school education , in addition to basic necessities , many children living in the villages in Kathmandu and the surrounding valley. They belong to poor families , are sometimes lost one or both parents or abandoned by serious economic problems. Our work ensures that they are not sent for heavy work and that they can attend school until at least the age of majority. We do not make any distinction of sex , ethnicity, religion or caste are all children without distinction , unfortunately, live in extremely poor conditions .
Your contribution will help us to continue our support programs and distance education.