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 With just 1 euro per day can improve a child's life ... and yours too!


Your contribution will allow us to give the opportunity for a decent life for orphaned and needy children.


How it works

- Express your availability accession Email to, your name will be linked to that of a child or of a child, waiting for help. 
- Upon receipt of your confirmation of payment, we will send a letter of assignment, with a brief history of the child / a and a photograph. 
- With future upgrades from year to year, you can constantly monitor the growth of your child / per school and its improvements, which can occur directly through the receipt of the report cards.

A small gesture of your generosity can 'turn into a great gift. 
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The purpose of the program

The purpose of this initiative is to ensure a dignified life for poor and needy children , often orphaned by one or both parents , of all walks of life , including castes from the most remote rural or mountain areas .
The holder provides a comprehensive educational program school until the age of majority , with all the necessary assistance to carry out their studies. In addition, we provide to all that helpful for a healthy and carefree growth of children, through the financial support complete , which keeps them away from work is not suitable for their age and who takes care of them in the basic necessities (food, housing , clothing , doctor visits , etc. . ) .
The affection and care workers to follow our kids , we always see players in person, even with the organization , each year , a trip of a few days, to one of the many wonderful tourist areas of Nepal, where the children , all together , they can directly learn and discover their beautiful country.


The children of Happy Child Project at Kathmandu Fun Valley



Support a child from a distance become a fosterer... you'll be happy to make you happy!

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