It all begins with you

The volunteer is a vital and essential for the activity of Hanuman can continue. Our non-profit organization lives thanks to the active participation of its members and volunteers.

What you can do is offer a lot of passion , perseverance and a little of your free time at no charge, in order to help with your work in the collection of funds and public awareness to our Mission .


Become a volunteer Hanuman ETS and you can:

- Join us during the days devoted to fundraising , promotional stalls in the central squares of some Italian cities ;

- Share with our projects in Nepal ground ;

- Organize specific events, involving local sports and hobby groups , giving presentations Hanuman ETS at schools and / or groups of catechesis , etc. .


There are no particular requirements , but the shared values ​​and principles of Hanuman ETS :

 - A sense of responsibility in hiring commitments ;

 - Ability to work in a team .


Contact us at the following e-mail address