Visit Nepal with us

Visit Nepal with us

If you want to live a unique experience , involved in the whirlwind of human emotions , in a kaleidoscope of cultural experiences visiting Nepal with us. It will be an experience that you will touch a reality that maybe you just heard , but with us you will know that at the bottom , along with our children , visiting the many schools built , easy trails along the hills to discover unspoiled places by mass tourism .
You will live the experience of exciting days in Benighat , where is the family home Happy Home , where they host many orphaned children.

Hanuman Onlus is not a travel agency and not directly organizes trips, but thanks to our contacts in Nepal made ​​by friends, competent people , professionals and local volunteers , created through years of presence in the area , we can give you several tips that will make your adventure an unforgettable experience.
In Kathmandu, you will be followed by competent and professional staff who will accompany you to explore the wonders of the capital, with guides who speak Italian , you can then choose to follow one of the following routes known to us and have already been tested and to be able to experience as a volunteer at our Happy Home .
Volunteers of Hanuman are at your disposal to take you to get to know our projects, works in progress and the reality in which we operate every day to improve the lives of many children with the education that they can grow their country.
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Come with us to the discovery of Nepal, this wonderful country that thanks to the contacts and staff of Hanuman , it is easy and affordable for everyone.