Marzo 2012

Mission Nepal Marzo 2012 (by Irene Pujatti)


Here we are in Kathmandu 15 days we expect intense, exciting , in a land that welcomes us each time dramatically , with wide smiles and affection !
The first greeting to welcome you to the good taste of masala, the typical Nepali , and in the evening , with the more "classic" and popular Daal -bath , the plate of rice and lentil soup ; we finally all gathered at the table , the volunteers of Hanuman Hanuman Italy and Nepal , to tell us the latest news and immediately define the program of this new mission .
The next morning we are already on the road, for about 4 hours on a busy road and winding road to reach the hills of Benighat in Dhading district . In the following days , we visit the schools built in the last years , the Basanta Shree Primary school , where we meet the students - the youngest, aged 5 to 7 years - that shyly greet us and show us their jobs clay ; continue until the Shree Janagaun Primary School, where we inaugurate the new classrooms and distribute school supplies . It ' a special occasion, Laura Sartori, who is with us , and who finally can see live the school built years ago with his generous contribution .
We cut to one hour intense program for an important event : the inspection of the work of Happy Home ! ! What a thrill ! We see it from a distance, immense , more and more real , since the last visit pretty much still the foundation. And that desire to see how much work is completed ... but still ! !
This property can accommodate up to 100 children and become the basis for volunteers who wish to participate in this important project.
After a few months , upon our return in October, the usher and we can finally define the last details to welcome the first children , already supported the project with Happy Child , but still in need of better accommodation . It 'sa project "ambitious" , which makes us proud and at the same time poses many questions about the difficulties and commitments which, as we already know , we will meet during this new activity.
E ' already evening when we met at the home of Ravi , our dear friend , president of Co.Yo.n , the association of Nepal with which we coordinate to carry out our plans . With him and all the volunteers, the next day we participate in the opening ceremony of the second wing of the Chandrodaya Multiple College, who also attends a senior official of Education , in confirmation of what this school is becoming important reference for the district and its community. in fact , it is now the school recently "promoted " to College choice for students who also live 3 hours away ! It ' also a big party to celebrate the tenth year of the association Co.Yo.n ; the guys running in the garden waving their flyers with photos of important initiatives in all these years!
It will be the fatigue of the ceremony, but later Hanuman Italy will suffer a resounding defeat to the game of volleyball project launched by the boys of Happy Child , tennis volley of Shree Chandrodaya Lower School .
The next day we set off for a happy trip to Lumbini, a city in the south of Nepal , near the border with India , a place of pilgrimage for the numerous temples and monuments ; while some of us , Hanuman Onlus , make a short detour to the Chitwan , to check the work of Jana Jivan Secondary School . We are building a new school body with 6 classrooms and renovating the older part , to put safety . This school is attended by nearly 1000 students ! Construction activity is frenetic . The work is progressing rapidly ; we were worried because we have a deadline to meet in order to receive a generous contribution from our new friends , the Association Beppe and Rosanna Mantovan , Bolzano to which we will dedicate the school .
And here we are racing to get to the rest of the group ... we expect the children of the project Happy Child !
More and more joyful , more talkative with us; are now our little friends when we meet and have a thousand questions , a thousand curiosity. They are also more personable between them ; we are happy that one of them is being born a bond, which will help them to support themselves , to confront this experience with our help . Especially on the part of the largest, and most willing , to encouragement of the smallest and "distracted " . These are moments of celebration of games in a field near the hotel, where in a few moments, it becomes involved with football games, volleyball , those who jump rope , Frisbee , and the inevitable " handkerchief " ! ! colorful balloons hovering in the air in the warm sunset sky , accompanied by a fun impromptu choir . Under the scorching sun in the morning , rows of red T-shirts - with our fun logo - wind against the white of the mosques ; the visit to the monuments of Lumbini curious for its atmosphere of sacredness , particularly in the place where it is said the Buddha was born .
Under a huge tree, mingling Nepalese prayer flags , the children gather for a last look at the stalls with necklaces with the seed of Shiva or Buddha image , in memory of this incredible day.
We still have some time to spend together , to deliver gifts of their benefactors Italian , verification of reports, for a round of applause for the more willing and less a lecture for students !
We exchange a festive greeting that we know to be a goodbye , not only for children but also for some of our volunteers will return to Italy a few days before.
The next morning , we're back in the Dhading district , for the inauguration of a new school, the Harkapur Secondary School is a building made ​​entirely with the generous contribution of the firm Olip Spa, Lazise , and we pay to the holder , Oliosi Piero . We are confident that in the future he will visit it ! A few steps behind the hill , we reach the Basanti Primary School ; always well cared for, with the teacher who is waiting for us , to make us healthy in his small choir students.
Our stay at the resort is now over but it is always sad to say goodbye to the family of Ravi, who welcomed us with so much affection and generosity. We need to take the road to Kathmandu.
In the following days , some of us fall in Italy ; while the other volunteers can go sightseeing in the valley , visiting the beautiful temples and historic towns close to the capital , we Hanuman take care of ongoing projects , particularly at the Happy Home , decide on purchases related to construction materials , furniture , the dishes etc. . we enter the traffic for many meetings with local artisans , as well as with our suppliers to choose which local crafts essential to our fundraising .
The program still provides the inauguration of a new computer lab at Shree Pragatishil High School , 6 hours on the road , in the district of Ramechap , and the second floor of Shree Subarneshwor Primary School Katunje VDC , Bhaktapur District , about 15 km east of Kathmandu. The last visit to Shree Pancha Kanya Primary School, where there is a slight improvement compared to our last visit: gradually , the proliferation of private schools had reduced the enrollment of new students. Upon request dell'headmaster , Hanuman Onlus and the community became a teacher of English in order to achieve an adequate number of members. Meanwhile , a classroom was designed to nursery, with great satisfaction of the community.
And it ends this mission ...
Resume his travel notes , in addition to the joy of returning to those intense days , the always wonderful landscapes , the liveliness of the openings of many new projects, in overwhelming noisy chaos of the city , which triggers the incredible wonder of the results obtained .
There are many projects , perhaps even unthinkable to imagine , but the most incredible is knowing that many of the new are in progress; in recent months , important events have happened already .
In October, we opened the school in Chitwan and Hanuman Village, between parties, dances and the inevitable race to finish everything in time ! Two boys Happy Child project have graduated and enrolled in college ; another began an internship to become a wood sculptor .
And we all know that this contributes to the efforts of all the volunteers, who each day are dedicated to fundraising , and many activities to make a specific request for help so many children in need.
 Efforts are forgotten, and the difficulties of small dissatisfactions trying to learn ...