January 2013

Mission Nepal January 2013 (by Bissi Vitaliano)


During the month of January, the days in Nepal are beautiful , the sky is clear and the mountains are seen in all their majesty . The temperature is cold in the capital but slightly warm to the village of Benighat . It's only been two months since our last mission and we are here again, for the most important mission : to open Happy Home , the family home , the first 7 orphaned children who will find a warm and comfortable shelter in the facility opened last October.


Once in Benighat , our friends , as always, we reserve a warm festive and together they go to Happy Home . Review the family home , even though we followed these two years all phases of construction , always makes us proud . The structure has been designed to be completely autonomous in the management of services, with a large kitchen, a large library where children can study , bright rooms and toilets with hot water directly from the sun brushes.


Crossing the threshold of entry here is the first children to meet us for the greetings . Holding a bag with their few clothes and a backpack of books. We stay with them a few minutes before you see them run down the hill towards the school . And now comes the fun part , before they come back we have to arrange the rooms , the kitchen and clean throughout. We begin to organize , collect call to our friends in the village and try to distribute the various tasks , those who dedicate themselves to the kitchen to clean up those stairs, those who control the light and the hot water work throughout the house and then all clean and wipe clean . After organizing the rooms of females and males , cleaning them and have drawn up the bunk beds , we complete the work with new mattresses , bed linen and duvets all colors. Then it's up to the kitchen : we are dedicated to make it operational for the evening , as we will already be able to cook the first meal of Happy Home.


The first day is about to end , the daylight hours are few in January and the sun goes miser to hide behind the chain Himalyana . We were able to organize the kitchen and bedrooms , soon the kids will be back to school and begin a new experience for them : it will be for them the first day in Happy Home . That's the joyful clamor of the children announces the imminent arrival of the first guests . In fact, in front of the entrance gate , you have Mishra , Suman , Kaushila , Sushila , Bimala , Himala and Rohan. Timidly approaching and not knowing where to go, there they are also attracted by the smell of the kitchen seated in less than no time at the table to drink a warm and fragrant masala tea with coconut biscuits . We were all tired from the day's work we sit down with them to chat and exchange first impressions do Happy Home.


We accompany them in their rooms , the girls do not believe their eyes have never seen , nor even slept in a bed , with the sheets and the comforter . We realize that we have to really explain everything from how to get into a warm bed to how to use the bathroom and showers.


How wonderful to see the expressions of the incredulous eyes of girls and boys , when they realize that their rooms and their beds are warm and comfortable. The smallest looks me in the eye and tell me something in Nepalese who clearly do not understand , but I understand the situation , in less than no time diving on the bed dressed and still gets under the covers and then come out with a huge smile and come to arm to cuddle.


Although bigger boys , despite their confidentiality , they could not restrain himself and to show their wonder with cheers and shouts of joy. We still have time , and then we take them to see how they use the bathroom and showers with hot water. They have never seen such a thing , their homes have no running water and bathroom , hot water have seen it only in the kitchen, then barely able to express their wonder.


The dhal bat waiting in the steaming dishes in the kitchen , to crown this wonderful day full of emotions. At the table joking with children and young Nepalese sing their traditional songs that we all sing together. Some children start dancing and jumping. The joy explodes everywhere. The greeting goodnight to the children in their rooms, under the warm blankets, warms the heart in this cold winter Nepal.


Let Happy Home after 10 days of work . It will make it operational again before many hundred per cent , but the children are safe and all that they need is operational and functional : the kitchen with the cook, the family home protected by the guardians , which alternate with day shifts and night , the professor to care for the children after school .