Dicembre 2015

Marco, one of our volunteers, went to Nepal during the month of December, where she lived a wonderful experience at the Happy Home, the family home of Hanuman Onlus which houses many children orphaned.
Mark shared with the children and the difficulties after the earthquake made even more difficult "undeclared embargo by India", which in recent months has blocked the country from the supply of gas and fuel, thus making the supply of goods difficult and much more costly.
December 2015
Namaste, I'm Mark.

In the month of December 2015 I had my first experience as a volunteer in Nepal, through the nonprofit organization Hanuman Onlus.
And just last year, Nepal, was hit by a violent earthquake which caused deaths, injuries and destroyed many homes and national monuments. Furthermore, to make matters worse, it suffered in recent months an embargo, which deprived him of gasoline and gas cylinders.
As soon as I arrived in the capital Kathmandu, I had the distinct impression that the country was going through a difficult and chaotic, in fact, endless lines of vehicles were standing by days near distributors, people were waiting for the gas bottles for cooking and terrible signs of the earthquake stood out among the usual confusion that characterizes Kathmandu. However, looking more carefully, I sensed that people, despite the tragedy, lived this difficult time with dignity and a certain serenity. For life continued at a slow pace without too many aggravations.
The next day I left the capital, to the west, towards the valley of Kathmandu.
Here, the landscape is rural and wonderful at the same time, dominated by immense rice fields (in winter cultivated with various vegetables), green forests and nice villages that are followed, until reaching Benighat.
And in this country, Hanuman Onlus built: a family home, the happy home, that welcomes orphaned children or family problems and numerous schools.
Arriving at the house, the impact was magical and exciting. It almost felt like family. And 'as if I had the feeling of being already been there a long time, a kind of rapture that made me live in a world far and fantastic.
Children and young people have welcomed me with great enthusiasm and I felt happy and full of joy. Together we carried out many activities: coloring drawings, paint plaster molds, making musical instruments, playing with their marbles and with rubber bands or football. All this happened naturally and spontaneously, even though it was time for their school exams.
Together we formed the group at all times of the day: in the morning with the breakfast of tea and biscuits, lunch with typical dal bhat, then left for school, all in single file, walking among the beautiful streets in the hills, then a snack and finally all together for dinner, always made the delicious dal bhat.
We ate outdoors and on the ground, around the fire. She cooked with wood, because there was no gas cylinders. Here the boys cuddled me in an extraordinary way, preparing two chairs, one for sitting and the other as a table. They also always washed my dishes, I could not complain, their gestures of kindness were disarming and the moment of joy you could not really break.
At school I played also some activities with various classes, similar to those of the house, and even here the happiness of children was overwhelming and compelling.
I met many people in the village, especially local farmers, who have always welcomed warmly and curiosity. At each place was a house, even a family.
The evening appointment with the game was heard, unfortunately it lasted little, because the boys were involved in the study, for the preparation of the upcoming exams. The period of the game went from 20.30 to 21.00. I remember that a few minutes after a strong emotion waiting flowed into accomplices glances between us and the clock on the wall. And then off the bowling table for the happiness of all.
One night a child of the house asked me if instead of playing, he could paint a plaster cast. I told him that it was not my decision, because I was just a guest and volunteer, but he naturally I repeated that I was instead part of the family!
Every moment, every situation, created an indescribable feeling.
I thank all the staff of Hanuman Onlus for giving me the opportunity to experience the wonderful moments and unforgettable.
By Marco P.