Novembre 2016

Write a balance of the experience made, for me it is a difficult task.

It would be necessary to propose a diary that embraces every single day in Happy Home, a Benighat, inside mine and the heart of Nepal.

I am also considered to be not very skilled in the synthesis, but I will try in some way to tell the fundamental and fundamental passages and thoughts of the past two months, which I will never forget.

Upon my arrival I was completely stunned. I remember my long journey by bus that from Pokhara brought me a Benighat. Dashain period. Intense traffic. Very hot, the monsoon tail and the hood of humidity hung over me.

And then, the meeting with Suman, who with his unfailing smile and his inexhaustible energy, he immediately had one of my backpacks (the heaviest) on his shoulder, to face what for me at that moment was a path unexpected and tiring and that would then instead become a familiar and familiar walk from the country to Happy Home and vice versa, in my daily life there.

Stories of my life, stories of events ... I entered the gate of what would become my home.

I met Sushila, Sharmila, Himala, Bimala, Janak, Buddhi Sagar, Sakal, Bikram, Neera and Rohan (which is the day after leaving home to join his family during the Dashain period). Didi, this group of children so intrigued by me, welcomed me between silence and noise, in their home.

And that's how we started looking at each other, discovering each other, having fun, contaminating ourselves, relate to each other, in a long process in progress, which has built very intense relationships between labors, amazements, enthusiasm, unexpected events and daily routines.

One of the first requests was made to dance some dance of Italy. I immediately chose to let me teach their dances. And from that moment on, I never stopped dancing together. Come therapy to every problem and always guaranteed fun.

I tried early, as during the entire month of October, in all the weeks of November.

We found time to live and share a lot of daily life, take several walks, visit some schools there, spend the central days of the Dashain calendar at Suman's home.

My bag by Mary Poppins, full of some of the books and material I had prepared from Italy, was there waiting for me in the room. A large room for me, which I colonized soon, using a bed as a wardrobe, another is like a box and another full of materials that I brought with me and always richer in money. Hanging on the windows, and all around the bunk bed frames, drawings and memories of the children.

I remember the first experiment of "doing together" something. Urged by the stories that have been made to me. During the Dashain period, swing and kites were the games of all children in Nepal. Swing to have fun during the holidays and kites that in October flew with the right wind.

The swing was just mounted behind Happy Home, from the family that lived nearby. I took a few trips and I discovered that even the Nepalese swings have an adaptation for a western! That day, we collected the wood and made our kites ... made of tissue paper, cuttings and the structure with the wooden twigs. All industrious and intent to make the kite more beautiful, then simply intent to build one that really wanted! Partial successful experiment. But the energy that came out was so great.

I will make here a list of small creative workshops that we have shared over time:

Kite (twig tissue paper)

Airplane with clothespins - paper biscuits as wings and to decorate it

Female chaplets of boiled wool (with needle, thread and buttons)

Barchette-planes-hats-boxes of paper and paper

Sottopentola made of clothespins and colored with tempera colors and brushes

Pen holder with plastic bottle

Sound glasses - plastic bottles sound - wand of wood sprigs on plastic tub to play

Flowers card Tissue paper - cookies card

Octopus plastic bottles

Leaves of many shapes and sizes have become animals

Dried leaves have become squares

Light shadows made with torches, with straws and the shapes of paper to project (after reading a book that described the magic of lights and shadows)