April 2019

April 2019
Four years have passed since the terrible earthquakes that shocked Nepal on April 25th and May 12th 2015 and every time we arrive in Kathmandu, the capital of the country, we still get excited and our hearts beat faster still thinking about those days when everything collapsed around us.
Finally the reconstruction has begun ... great!


The tourist centers have been almost completely rebuilt, the houses in the villages are at an advanced stage, replacing the collapsed ones.
In recent years we have been able to renovate four of our schools damaged by the earthquake and on April 15 of this year we inaugurated the Shree Chandrodaya Higher Secondary School, in Benighat in the Dadhing district, three hours by road from the capital. Four years of intense work and fundraising to create an anti-seismic school complex equipped with modern technologies.
The school, completely destroyed by the earthquake, can now accommodate over 800 students from classes I to X, the school has a large library and a modern computer room with wifi, giving all students the opportunity to follow the new courses introduced by the Nepalese Ministry of Education.


The inauguration party was attended by the highest education authorities from Nepal and Hanuman Onlus.
On the occasion of our 18th year of activity, we organized with all the children, guests in our family home "Happy Home", the first running race, in the lush hills of Benighat. We called it Hanuman Onlus Run and over 100 children and teenagers from many neighboring villages participated. Too funny! The competition, which ignited in the eyes and smiles of the small and large runners before the start, was exciting and contagious. At the start all run at breakneck speed, some with flip flops at their feet, along the dirt roads of the 2 miles of the route. The fraction of the youngest children, the one from 5 to 10 years old was obviously the most fun: a lot of determination and determination to face the curves and holes of the course at full speed, with inevitable tumbles, immediately resolved, with courage to resume the race. Moments of great emotion during the award ceremony. The top three in each category were incredulous at receiving an award for winning the category they belonged to. All the participants receive a nice technical t-shirt, generously offered by Verona Marathon.
Happy Home was the focus of fun, games and activities in those days.
Like every year we met all the children of the Happy Child project, distance support, to check school progress. Together with the older children, we assessed the possibility of accompanying them on the university path.
On the last day, at the time of the greetings, the same nostalgia and emotion as always. The days in Happy Home, together with our children, are always magic ...
For the near future, there are still many projects to be developed: the strengthening and construction of the second floor of the Shree Chandrodaya Multiple college, the safety with retrofitting of three other schools and above all the support of many other children who need the our help.

We are always motivated and full of renewed energy.
Nepal we will see you soon!