Shree Bhairabi Primary School

The school is dedicated to Vitaliano Bissi

Opened Marh 10,  2008


The current numbers at a glance:

          30 students ;

          school grades third , from 5 to 8 years;

          5 classrooms ;

          2 professors ;

          maximum distance traveled by students from home, about half an hour ;

          located in Benighat , Area no. 7 , Dhading District , at about 2/ 3 hours by road from Kathmandu ;

          coordinates 27 ° 48 ' 22 '' N - 84 ° 46 ' 54'' E.


The " Shree Bhairabi Primary School " is located in Benighat , Dhading District , in the n . 7 , on the hill of Gaumati Kharka.

The 175 families living in the area where the school is located , are the Magar community and their meager livelihood is tied to the arid plateau where they live. Employment opportunities are very limited and many locals are trying gain , in addition to agriculture, with animal breeding and processing of bamboo. Many of them still believe that school education is of paramount importance for their children and prefer to use them in the work of the house or in the countryside .

Nevertheless, the Bhairabi Primary School and his teachers have always been heavily dedicated to the involvement of children to attend school , deeming it necessary for the evolution and future development of the area.

In 2007, Hanuman Onlus visited the school , evaluating absolutely need a strong intervention of reconstruction , since the earlier structure was completely rundown and lacks any teaching equipment . It was therefore decided to build five new classrooms and provide them with all the necessary materials to teachers and students .


School now


School before 2007


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