Shree Pragatishil High School

The school is dedicate to Gajendra Manadhar and Sanukaji Maharjan

Opened on February 02,  2011


The current numbers at a glance:          

          680 students ( including 24 nursery) ;
          school grades 1/10, from 5 to 15 years;
          12 classrooms ;
          11 professors and 1 assistant school ;
          maximum distance traveled by students from home, about an hour's drive ;
          located in Bhirpani , Ramechhap District , at 4 hours by road from Kathmandu ;
The " Shree Pragatishil High School " is located in the village of Bhirpani , Ramechhap District , which is about 125 kilometers east of Kathmandu.

The school was built more than 60 ago. He was born as the primary , for younger students , but has become high school, thus allowing more than 600 students to be able to complete the cycle of studies, without having to go to Kathmandu , with clear disruption of time and cost , or worse, without having to leave the school prematurely .

From our first visit in 2008, we have been able to verify the state of degradation of the structure and absolute danger that needed to be completely demolished and rebuilt again, allowing many students to be able to have safe and spacious classrooms in which to study.

We decided to provide for the construction of a building on three floors, with computer classroom, adequate sanitation and a wall to protect the school.


The earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015 have made the school unusable. In November 2016 we began the renovation and strengthening of the entire structure in order to make the school safe and again accessible to the many sudenti that equalize it.


In 2019, with the construction of the office building for school staff, the post-earthquake reconstruction work of the school was completed.


The school was inaugurated on April 25th 2017



The school before the earthquake of April 25 and May 12, 2015


School before 2008


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