Shree Jakhanisthan Anna De Marinis' Hostel

The hostel is dedicated to the lovely memory of Anna De Marinis

The hostel opened on May 25, 2022


Shree Jakhanisthan Basic School was founded in 1989 located in Janakpur area, Ramechhap district, Khada Dev village, No. 3 Sidhkha Maghi.

The village community is very poor. It is made up of families, who live by working the land and fishing, in the nearby Sunkoshi River.
The school, consisting of two very old and dilapidated structures, urgently needed to be completely demolished and rebuilt.


The earthquake of 25 April 2015 made the entire structure completely unusable, forcing the pupils to attend outdoor lessons, for long months, in a temporary structure specially built in bamboo, at the mercy of adverse weather conditions and especially of the summer monsoons. .
In agreement with the community, the school principal and the district manager, we studied a project for a new school complex, which would include two wings of classrooms, a hostel, the office for teachers and the toilets. All built according to the new anti-seismic criteria.


Thanks also to the contribution of Avventure nel Mondo, the hostel was built to house poor children from the community and neighboring villages. Some students take up to two hours of walking to get to school from their home. The hostel consists of a kitchen, a library and two bedrooms, one for girls and one for boys. The bathrooms are equipped with showers and changing rooms.


The inauguration took place on 25 May 2022 in the presence of the friends and colleagues of Avventure nel Mondo and the head of the Ramechhap district.


Anna De Marinis' hostel today.


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