Shree Chandrodaya Multiple College

The school is dedicated to Francesca Meneghello

Honorary Chairman of  Shree Chandrodaya Multiple College

Opened may 22, 2022

Opened march 14,  2006


The current numbers at a glance:

         1200 students, including 141 for college ;
          school grades 6/10 + 2 + 3 , from 10 to 19 years, secondary and college ;
          19 classrooms ;
          27 school teachers and 3 assistants ;
          maximum distance traveled by students from home, about three hours by road ;
          located in Bishaltar , Dhading District , at about 2/ 3 hours by road from Kathmandu ;
          coordinates 27 ° 42 ' 35 '' N - 85 ° 18 ' 24 '' E.

The Shree Chandrodaya Multiple College was founded in 1960 thanks to the initiative of some young locals who understood the importance of school in society. Initially it was an elementary school , devoid of a real construction , that was not the small room of a house , which housed about 15/18 students.

Subsequently, the Department of Education of Nuwakot gave him permission to practice the teaching of basic materials for an elementary school ( Nepali , English and mathematics) , and granted the contribution of 600 Nepalese rupees per year. To this was added the contribution of the local community . In 1965 the school had not yet found its final location . Only in 1969 , the community decided to lay down Bishaltar , the area in which the school was to be built permanently . Almost at the same time they also developed the school Benighat , who bore the same name, Shree Chandrodaya , because the founders and supporters of the two schools were the same . For a better distinction , the school was named Bishaltar Chandrodaya Shree Higher Secondary School, while that of Benighat Shree Chandrodaya Primary School.

The school now has an extension of 57 ropani of land and is considered one of the richest in the Dhading district , in terms of extension . The surrounding villages such as Benighat , Dhusa , Ghyakchowk of Gorkha , had helped to create a larger structure , but still meager and insufficient for the many students who attended.

In 2004 , Hanuman Onlus made ​​his first visit to this school , and since then , he decided to proceed in stages, the construction of 12 new classrooms, toilets, garden with flower beds and a central gazebo, the allocation of a room with 20 computers and a photocopier.

In 2009 , thanks to the significant growth achieved with the help of Hanuman Onlus and thanks to the tenacity and dedication of the local community , the school has become College, then changing its name to Shree Chandrodaya Multiple College. This allowed the frequency of 5 additional years of schooling for students who want to achieve the Bachelor in Management and Education , a kind of short of our university system .

Never guessed more fù name for a school , as Chandrodaya translates to " rising moon ", signifying the end of the darkness of ignorance and thus the end, thanks to schooling .

Today we count the frequency of 859 students at secondary level , from the sixth to the tenth, plus two, plus three, degrees of the school system, namely from 11 to 19 years of age , including 141 students in college.


After the earthquake of April 25, 2015, the school was declared unusable due to the damage suffered.
In recent years we have provided for the complete renovation of the entire school building, thanks also to the contribution of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano and ABRM OdV, reinforcing the foundations and all the supporting columns. We have also built a further floor of the school building, the office building for the school staff, arranged and expanded the parking and maneuvering area for school buses. We have also improved the usability of sports facilities.

The school was inaugurated on May 22, 2022 in the presence of the Minister of Economy and Affairs of the province of Bagmati, Mr. Salikram Jamakattel.


The school may 22, 2022



School in 2012



School before 2004



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