Shree Janagaun Primary School

The school is dedicated to Laura Sartori
Opened October 23, 2006

The current numbers at a glance:

          90 students ;

          school grades fifth , from 5 to 10 years;

          7 classrooms ;

          5 professors ( with the principal ) ;

          maximum distance traveled by students from home, about an hour's drive ;

          located in Benighat , Area no. 6 , Dhading District , at about 2/ 3 hours by road from Kathmandu ;

          coordinates 27 ° 48 ' 22 '' N - 84 ° 46 ' 54'' E.


Janagaun is a very remote village , situated on the summit of a hill , in the n . 6 Benighat Vdc , Dhading District and is a three hour walk from the Prithivi Highway, the main road. The inhabitants of this village , about 150 families live mainly on agriculture and raising livestock thanks . The products obtained from the processing equipment are sold directly to the local market closest to Benighat and this is the main source of economic livelihood of the entire community.

Due to the limited opportunity to gain and closed-minded to the changes, typical of mountain people , the village versa under the same conditions for decades. However, in the 90s , the community decided to build the first and only school of the place and about five years after it was built a two-story structure.

In February 2004 , Hanuman Onlus visited for the first time in this beautiful and inaccessible village and , after assessing the precarious conditions of the school, decided to proceed with its complete reconstruction. The existing structure was a danger to the many children who attended , but the local people did not have the financial ability to do so.

Hanuman Onlus , thanks to one generous supporter Italian , he built a new building consists of 7 classrooms. I then completed with the construction of the bathrooms and the allocation of a water tank , as well as additional materials such as desks , benches , blackboards and desks . The new building of " Shree Janagaun Primary School " was inaugurated by Hanuman Onlus , October 23, 2006 . The inauguration ceremony was attended by many members of the community. All have shared the thought that the new school is a big step towards the improvement of education , since many children will benefit from the school lessons in all serenity , avoiding being employed in jobs not suitable for minors to their young age.


School now



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