Shree Basanta Primary School

The school is dedicated to Elena Bonamini

The current numbers at a glance:


        30 students ;

        school grades third , from 5 to 8 years;

        5 classrooms ;

        2 professors ;

        maximum distance traveled by students from home, about half an hour ;

        located in Benighat , Area no. 6 , Dhading District , at about 2/ 3 hours by road from Kathmandu ;

        coordinates 27 ° 47 ' 55'' N - 84 ° 46 ' 4'' E.


The " Basanta Shree Primary School " is located in Benighat , Dhading District , in the n . 6 , the top of the hill Swayalbhanjang . The Local Council of the surrounding villages , 20 years ago, built this school and the school district official assigned one teacher . Since then , no one else was recruited because the population could not economically supportarne spending , given the extreme poverty of these arid hilly areas .

When Hanuman Onlus visited this school in 2006, it consisted of 3 small rooms, with chairs , desks and blackboards , now completely worn out . The space available for teaching was definitely not enough for the 30 students, who were often forced to place themselves under a branch of the great tree , to carry out their lessons . In addition, since the school is displaced on the brow of the hill , there was not adequate space for games and indeed, the great danger of the cliff , on both sides of the school, which put children at serious risk.

Hanuman Onlus was immediately conquered by the dignity of the poor people of this area and the beautiful popular kids in the school. He decided to help the community by building a new concrete building with 5 classrooms and providing all the necessary infrastructure , such as chairs , desks, blackboards , tables and chairs. Fù settled the area outside the school, so the kids also had a playground. Finally, the school was equipped with the toilets and the enclosing wall , so that the cliff was isolated by walls.

Finally , children can now experience the joy of school life in a secure building with a spacious playground.


School now



School before 2006



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