A School for Anna

We resume the generous appeal of AnM, in support of the construction of a hostel in Ramechhap, for children in need of a remote fishing village in Nepal.
The project is dedicated to the untimely death of Anna, their historical collaborator, passionate about Nepal and its hospitable population.

We invite you to make your contribution so that this important and useful initiative can reach its conclusion in the shortest possible time.


"Dear Friends, Colleagues, Coordinators, all of you who have loved Anna
The malicious virus did not allow us to offer our dear Anna the right demonstration of affection that we all shared well during her long, lively presence in our offices
Deprived of being able to give you one last greeting, on the contrary we want to make Anna‘s memory lasting and constant over time with an initiative that perhaps she had unconsciously suggested to us just a few days ago
In her Facebook profile Anna had posted, without comment, the images of the reconstruction of a school in Nepal, which probably had created new emotion for a people and a country she had loved.
We went back to identify the initiative that aims to rebuild the Shech Jakhanisthan Primary School in Ramechhap which became unusable after the severe earthquake of 2015.
The works are at an advanced stage of realization, financed by Hanuman onlus, which is headed by a coordinator and a group of Adventures friends, very present in Nepal, constantly looking for donations to be able to complete the project in its essential structure and subsequently to complete the additional work needed to make the school operational
Each donation will speed up the delivery of what will be "Anna‘s school" to the local community.
Drawings, costs, construction plan are available to anyone interested in viewing them
The IBAN of Hanuman Onlus reserved for those who want to contribute to this initiative is IT 89 B 02008 11725 000103717364 with the reason "Anna‘s school"
There have been more than 400 comments on the post about Anna‘s disappearance, we show that after the emotion, concreteness follows. Anna will be happy "
Paolo Nugari


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Just returned from Nepal


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