The enterprise can achieve, with its commitment , an important role in society

The " Cause Related Marketing" is now an important and widespread marketing activities , which can help move the choice of consumers towards products that combine a humanitarian cause.

The social commitment of a company is instrumental in the construction of its "value" to consumers .
The Cause Related Marketing, can be:

Transaction, when a company or nonprofit activity contributes to the realization of a project of a non- profit organization providing financial resources or materials in proportion to sales resulting from the collaboration.

Promotion of the cause, when the product is used as a medium for the transmission of the cause supported by the non-profit , through the presence of messages or information leaflets of a non- profit organization , with the product of the partner profit

Licensing, as regards the granting by the non-profit , corporate logo , in exchange for a corresponding economic quantification . This type assumes the nature of a supply relationship , which is important for the company profit in order to qualify the product combined with the brand of non- profit organizations.

Joint Fund Raising, when the company provides support to the cause of non-profit organizations , acting as an intermediary for the collection of funds among its clients and non- profit organizations.


Companies and friends supporting Hanuman Onlus are: 




Since 2004 Viaggi e Avventure nel Mondo has supported the Happy Child project.

Following the earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015, he collaborated with the Hanuman fundraiser for the reconstruction of some villages in Nepal, he organized the shipment of 20 structured and spacious tents for the Nepalese population.

In 2019, she supported the construction of Anna's Hostel at the Shree Jakhanisthan Business School Complex in Ramechhap district.



Since 2008 Cartiere Saci Spa has been supporting Hanuman in the Educating Children project.
In 2019 you supported the construction of Shree Jakhanisthan Business School in Ramechhap district


2010,  AirStep e Mjus, brands of Calzaturifico Olip Spa, support Hanuman:

with the construction of Shree Harkapur Lower Secondary School, in Nepal;
Happy Home Project, helping 10 children like a foster.



2001, Shel Shapiro is the testimonial of Hanuman Onlus and supports the project of schooling "Educating Children.".