About us

Hanuman B.V. Non-profit organization founded in 2001 by the initiative of five friends , passionate travelers , who were able to see for themselves the great inconvenience at the expense of children , due to poverty and oppression in various parts of the world and in Nepal , in particular.
Hanuman is completely independent and non-profit . All members and staff work for free as a volunteer with programs :
- Support children with Happy Child Project, anyone can become a fosterer ;
- Hospitality of orphaned children in the family home called " Happy Home " ;
- Schooling , with the construction of many schools ;
- Education and protection of children from abuse and exploitation.
Hanuman ETS is an association open to all people who care about a horizon of hope for countless underprivileged children in difficulty or where war and famine or social discrimination , are the sad daily reality.


The Board Members are:
President Francesca Meneghello
Vice President of Vitaliano Bissi
Executive Director of the Distance Support Project Irene Pujatti
Councilor Leonardo Sabaini

Councilor Michela Cavaliere
Councilor Massimo Bolzonella
Councilor Pierpaolo Benedetto Petrucciani

Hanuman ETS on 3 February 2023 was registered in the National Register of the Third Sector, RUNTS, thus assuming the acronym ETS.
Hanuman Onlus was founded on July 26, 2001 and registered in the list of Italian non-profit organizations at the Ministry of Finance, Regional Revenue Office, on August 17, 2001.