Our activities

After three years since the birth of Hanuman, 2004 marks a turning point , with the PROJECT NEPAL "HAPPY CHILD" and " EDUCATING CHILDREN ", which we characterize strongly today. With them begins the first and largest intervention organized and developed completely by volunteers of our association , directly in foreign territory , with an area of ​​action in Nepal , in the Kathmandu Valley .
The main objective of this mission is the development of education and the improvement of living conditions of the poorest children in need of many villages in the valley of Kathmandu. Actually, these are characterized by situations of extreme poverty , low education, and especially of the exploitation of child labor.
Since February 2004 , in different years, day after day, we concentrated our range in Nepalese territory , providing us with a seat and a solid structure on site, allowing us to carry out projects more and more numerous and important .
Our work takes place in two well-defined directions , which proceed in parallel :
- "Happy Child" , for remote support , which began in 2006 and strengthened in a definitive way with the construction of " Happy Home " , the family home , completed in 2013, and once to accommodate the children supported by Hanuman.
- " Educating Children " , for the construction of new and ever more important school situations , especially in very inaccessible areas .
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