How we operate

How we work

The commitment of Hanuman ETS is to create and provide real opportunities for improving the quality of life of disadvantaged children , victims of abuse or submitted for use in work unsuitable for their age . Sometimes lacking one or both parents or a roof to live their childhood ,so carefree. Other times deprived of the opportunity to attend a regular course of study , as ghettoized among the caste of untouchables.

Our activities are reflected in particular:

- In the field of education, through the construction or rehabilitation of schools in the most inaccessible areas of rural or mountain , located in populous villages , but very poor and forgotten by local authorities;

- Support from a distance, even in the context of our family home " Happy Home " , with the full support of needy children , which guarantee a regular school and all the care necessary to secure and grow serene.

 The financial resources for the realization of all this derive from the fundraiser, by:

- Markets run by volunteers, some Italian cities , with Nepalese handicraft articles , very attractive , offered in exchange for free grants ;

- Donations from individuals and companies , tax- deductible according to current tax regulations , made ​​online or directly via bank transfer ;

- Foundations or companies that support individual initiatives of the project;

- Bequests allocated in support of our activities ;


In order that these words do not prove sterile and rhetorical statements , we need everyone to share with us on this journey, on a voluntary and unpaid , with the understanding that even the smallest achievement will be served to give a smile more.